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Bad debts, and the resources spent trying to recover them, can slow the pace of even the healthiest business. Cash is King and the lifeblood of any business.

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Client Testimonials

Chris Davy EnviroCraft Waste Solutions
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Iain is very knowledgeable and translates this well with his commercial understanding
Jim DeeneyVentac
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We are Clients of Athena Debt Recovery and we rate their service 10/10. They are accessible, responsive and they have a clear focus on delivery
Tim Witcherley
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Just a note to thank Athena for dealing promptly and effectively with a potentially difficult bad debt situation. We rarely have to take action against our clients but in this case Iain Bould was able to collect the full amount outstanding within three weeks without damaging the client relationship
Alan ClappertonGroup Finance Director
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Having worked with Iain for a number of years I can gladly attest to the professional and most effective approach he brings to debt collection. Having provided a high level of service in all areas of our credit procedures and legal collection processes I can highly recommend Iain and his team.
Diane Dunion Licensed Insolvency Practitioner
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Having worked with Iain on numerous occasions I find him to be extremely professional, and his manner in dealing with clients and other third parties is to be complimented. Iain acts with the utmost integrity, and his attention to detail is second to none, offering a proactive, pragmatic and commercial approach to commercial debt recovery and insolvency solutions.
RonNoreus Ltd
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Iain acts with the utmost integrity, and his attention to detail is second to none, offering a proactive, pragmatic and commercial approach to commercial debt recovery and insolvency solutions.

Combining both firmness and discretion, we never forget that we represent your business.

Athena Debt Recovery (ADR) is the dedicated debt recovery department of Athena Solicitors LLP. The team at ADR have over 80 years combined experience in the corporate debt recovery field and bring with them a wealth of knowledge and expertise in debt recovery steps to aid your business.

At Athena Debt Recovery we provide a considered approach to speed up debt recovery collections whilst minimising customer conflict and reducing the risk to your business.  

Our service is tailored to match the individual needs of your business and we pride ourselves in offering bespoke, cost effective solutions to your debt recovery needs – from simply chasing late payers to legal proceedings including all county court and insolvency processes.  

We are totally dedicated to helping our clients improve cash flow and increase the profitability of their businesses and we use the latest in Debt Recovery software enabling us to process both prelegal and legal collections promptly and efficiently.

No Collection No Fee

Our success rate for collections is second to none, and because of this, we make no charge for our pre-legal recovery services unless we succeed in recovering what you are owed. If we are successful, then our charges will be on a percentage basis. In other words, we are only paid if you are paid!

Where appropriate, we use the Late Payment of Commercial Debt Regulations to maximise your recoveries and allow the recovery process to be cost-neutral to your business.

Easing the Court process

We are totally focused on recovering debts quickly and without the need for court process. If, however, court action is required, we always discuss the procedures and agree charges with you in advance. We ensure that our costs are at times kept proportionate to the value of the debt you are seeking to recover. 

In most cases we will endeavour to agree fixed fees with you. In higher value cases fees can be agreed on a case by case basis but we will do our best to accommodate your business needs including agreeing competitive hourly rates and if appropriate discounted or conditional fee structures. We have good working relationship with Barrister’s chambers which enables us to leverage our relationships to secure representation by Counsel at trial at competitive rates.

Prevention is better than cure

We can implement simple credit control procedures to minimise bad debt problems before they occur.  We can advise on business terms and conditions to ensure that  they are easier to enforce and more effective and fully protect your business.

Rent Arrears Protection For Commercial Tenants Under Review

Rent Arrears Protection For Commercial Tenants Under Review

As the Country entered lockdown in March 2020, the Government introduced various measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which gave commercial tenants a number of temporary protections to assist them during the pandemic. Including a suspension on taking possession of premises from tenants based on forfeiture for non-payment of rent, restrictions on the use

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Wrongful Trading

The Insolvency Act of 1986 introduced wrongful trading to build on the notion of fraudulent trading. It’s a much more common offence, as it’s not a criminal act and often done unwittingly. What is wrongful trading? Wrongful trading or ‘trading irresponsibly’ is a civil offence and is covered by section 214 of the Insolvency Act

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Winding Up Proceedings And The Pandemic

Courts have regularly stressed a winding up petition should not be presented by a creditor against a company as a means of collecting a debt. There is no doubt that it is far more effective at concentrating a debtor’s mind on paying a debt than issuing a claim in the County Court. Mainly due to

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Bankruptcy Proceedings

An insolvency proceeding is a process taken when an organisation or individual are no longer able to meet their financial obligations and pay their creditors when debts are due and usually take place after less formal arrangements have failed and can be the result of bad financial management, changing market trends, heightened expenses and reduced

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